Venue Old GMC Complex
Discipline Special Project
Project by Avantika Bahal
Artists Avantika Bahl

Date 15 Dec
Time 05:30 pm - 06:00 pm

‘Weft’ is a response to the Corona Quilt Project, an initiative that looks at social engagement that began during the pandemic. Drawing inspiration from long-established skill-based practices, the performers tell stories of support, compassion and resilience that kept them going against all odds. ‘Weft’ highlights the age-old quilting tradition of slow handicrafts that has passed through generations, across the world. Using images of dyeing, weaving, threading and handlooms, the performance reflects the multiple narratives fostered by this community. 

Choreographer: Avantika Bahl 
Collaborators and Performers: Melitta D’Souza and Shruti Maria Datar 
Sound Designer: Adriel George 
Costumes: Nila House featuring artisan’s squares from the ‘Corona Quilt Project; Commissioned by Nila House 
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