The Pineapple Orchestra: A Performance

The Pineapple Orchestra consists of 9 bow-activated string instruments. When each instrument is played a fresh pineapple top spins and its leaves pluck the strings to create sound. The project draws a parallel with the dark colonial history of the pineapple alongside a more positive contemporary view of the fruit, to explore how we can create inclusive narratives about today’s society, whilst acknowledging the past. 

Date: 15 & 17 December 2023

Time: 6 PM Onwards

Venue: First Floor, Old GMC Building


  • Molla Sagar
  • Protick Sarker
  • Julien Segard
  • Aldona Video Club
  • Satya
  • Hemant Sreekumar
  • Yashna Kaul
  • Avani Tanya
  • Tenzing Dakpa
  • Debanshu Bhaumik
  • Varun Desai & Varun Gupta
  • Savinder Bual
  • Suvani Suri
  • Shezad Dawood
  • Pandit Pran Nath
  • Lala Rukh 

Collections: Swaraj Art Archive

Image credit: The Pineapple Orchestra by Savinder Bual.

Past Program