Sampoorna Ramayan in Tholpavakoothu

Tholpavakoothu, a traditional temple art form prevalent in the Bhagavathy temples of Palakkad district and nearby regions in Kerala, narrates the timeless tale of Lord Rama's divine incarnation from the epic Ramayana. Rooted in Hindu beliefs, it embodies the profound notion that when virtue and righteousness (dharma) wane, and evil (adharma) prevails, Lord Vishnu descends to restore harmony and right awareness.

The story unfolds as Mother Earth, unable to endure the torment of demons, seeks divine intervention by taking the form of a cow and beseeching the help of the Gods, led by Indra. Their quest leads them to Lord Vishnu, who, awakening from his yogic slumber, assures them that he will reincarnate as Rama to vanquish the demons, notably Ravana.

Tholpavakoothu, named for the leather (Thol) puppets (Pava) used in the performance, employs strings to manipulate the puppets, casting their shadows upon a screen illuminated by a row of oil lamps. This captivating art form, once performed elaborately over forty-one days, weaves the narrative using a blend of prose and poetry known as Adalpattu. It serves as a cultural treasure, preserving and sharing stories from the Ramayana for generations.

Curated by: Geeta Chandran


  • K Viswanatha Pulavar
  • M Pushpalatha, Vipin V
  • Lakshmana Pulavar
  • Krishna Kumar
  • Vishnu K L
  • Lakshmanan K R
  • Balasubramanian
  • Vignesh K
  • Nivya
  • Steffy
  • Sandra
  • Sreeram
  • Akhilesh
  • SreeJithu
  • Sreejith M
  • Vivek O
  • Suhas K
  • Rahulmon
  • Aneesh

Date: 16 December 2023

Time: 7 PM - 8 PM

Venue: Azad Maidan

Past Program