‘Jump’ unfolds on the rooftop of a city building, where a successful female corporate executive teeters on the edge, contemplating suicide. Just in the nick of time, a male cab driver intervenes, preventing her leap. This sets the stage for a collision of two profoundly different worlds, encompassing contrasting socio-economic classes, backgrounds, and lifestyles, as well as distinct circumstances, beliefs, and perspectives.

Despite these disparities, this unexpected encounter leads to a night of pure and simple human connection. Will the man succeed in saving her, or will she be back to jump again?

The play delves into themes of suicide, depression, loneliness, happiness, love, purpose in life, and death, offering the audience an emotionally intricate and thought-provoking experience. It explores the human psyche, shedding light on the struggles, challenges, and aspirations of two individuals who, under ordinary circumstances, would never cross paths but find a unique connection in the most unlikely of places and in their shared humanity.

TW: Suicide

Date & Time: 19, 20, 21, 22 December 2023 ; 8:30 PM - 10 PM.

Venue: Multi-Level Parking Terrace


  • Cast & Crew:
  • Actors: Vidushi Chadha, Sandeep Shikhar 
  • Writer/Director: Maneesh Verma 
  • Dramaturg: Akhshay Gandhi
  • Associate Director & Lights: Vishal 
  • Scenography: Maneesh Verma 
  • Production Manager: Monika Gupta
  • Soundscape: Sahil Vaid 
  • Song Music Producer: Kaizad Gherda 
  • Song Lyrics & Music: Asif Ali Beg
  • Song Singer: Shazneen Arethna 
  • Executive Producer: Vikas Jain 
  • Special Thanks: Kalyani Hiwale, Harsh Khurana, Tushar Pandey 
  • Jump is inspired from “Umbrella” written by Larry Pontius

Curated by: Quasar Thakore Padamsee

Past Program