Ghee and Our Connection with Our Ancestors

This workshop showcases the traditional method of churning butter from dahi (known as the bilona method) and talks about the historical significance of fermentation as a form of preservation and natural flavour development in traditional Indian ghee. Many of these techniques are tied to our pastoral ancestors, and some of these practices can still be found. The cultural significance of buttermilk is known to many, but the facilitators go one step further and focus on mixes of buttermilk and milk which created the pastoral Kashmiri cheese kalari. Kalari stretches like mozzarella and is a delicious and rare Indian cheese that exists partly as a byproduct of butter and ghee making.

Curated by: Thomas Zacharias and the Locavore Team

Facilitated by: Chef Aditya Raghavan

Date: 15 December 2023

Time: 2 PM - 3 PM

Venue: The Food Lab, Old GMC Complex

Past Program