Don Quixote: A Bharatanatyam-Theatre Production

An idealistic dreamer sets out to revive the lost tradition of chivalry. Immortalising this unlikely knight errant and his befuddled squire Sancho Panza, Cervantes’ novel has inspired countless individual artworks and entire cultural movements around the world.

This music-dance-theatre production is a twenty-first century stage adaptation of Miguel de Cervantes’ early seventeenth-century novel. Sheejith Krishna’s ‘Don Quixote’ combines multiple art forms—poetry, music, dance, and theatre—to unfold a timeless tale with universal relevance.

This production is the first adaptation of Cervantes' novel in the Bharatanatyam idiom. Rooted in Carnatic music, it breaks new ground in marrying contemporary elements with Classical forms.

Showcasing the rich performance traditions of India with the help of a classic Spanish tale, the work engages audiences from all over the world, bringing together two very passionate and soulful cultures—those of India and Spain. This unique production has been staged at the prestigious Kennedy Centre, the Madras Music Academy, and has toured 15 cities in the USA, winning acclaim from connoisseurs and critics in India and abroad.

Curated by: Geeta Chandran

Date: 22 December 2023

Time: 7 PM - 8 PM

Venue: The Arena at Nagalli Hills Ground


  • Director/Choreographer/Dancer/Actor: Sheejith Krishna 
  • Dancers/Actors: K B Madhusudhanan, Nidheesh Kumar LR, Season UK, Saranmohan, Gopi C, Manjari, Anjana Anand, Prithvija, Bristy Rani, Natasha Chandrakant Pandit, Nirali R Samani, Suhasini Shankar, Arundhati Srinivasan, Poornima K
  • Actor: Sneha Sheejith
  • Lighting Artist: Venkatesh Krishnan
  • Sound Engineer: Rakesh PM
  • Music Composer: Jyothishmathi Sheejith Krishna
  • Script: Akhila Ramnarayan

Past Program