A New Generation of Dance: Shalmali Zankar

Vitthala is a popular deity for the people of Central India. Pandharpur, Vitthala’s seat, became the focal point of the Bhakti movement in Maharashtra. Considered a manifestation of Vishnu, he is embraced and celebrated by all. The Varkari tradition rejoices in Vitthala in the most mundane way, allowing everyone access to him. Bhaktas speak to him, confide in him, demand of him, and shower him with praise. And he listens to everything they have to say. But what happens when Vitthala speaks...

This presentation aims to capture Vitthala narrating his story to his beloved bhaktas. The show will unravel his relationship with his bhaktas Pundalik, Sant Dyaneshwara, Sant Tukaram, Sant Janabai, and so many more. Vitthala is their confidante, their co-worker, their father, their mother. He feeds them, leads them, chides them, and protects them. His devotees are one with him, connected by an invisible umbilical cord of pure faith and surrender. Vitthala is always there for His bhaktas, unconditionally. This is his story.

Curated by: Mayuri Upadhya

Date: 22 December 2023

Time: 6 PM - 6:30 PM

Venue: The Foundry, Old GMC Complex

Artist: Shalmali Zanskar

Past Program