Street Canvas: Hand-Painted Signs from India and the Dominican Republic

The Embassy of the Dominican Republic in India invited artists Aradhana Seth and Maurice Sanchez to present work from their archives which documents the world of hand́-painted signs from India and the Dominican Republic.

Handmade street art tells us stories about the people who live in these neighbourhoods–who they are, how they see their cultural identities and what they desire. A religious icon, a national flag, a dish of temptation, a body that beckons and seduces, a simple name of a shop that is stylized to become larger than life, even an overstated ambition–these street signs cover the entire gamut of everyday life.

The fact that a street from a city in the Dominican Republic and India can flow into each other through these signs says something about how countries with such contrasting histories and geographies can have so much in common. Their flow may have been ruptured by the world of digitization and electronic reproduction–but they still emerge in our memories as part of a past that refuses to fade away. This exhibition is not just an attempt to document their ephemeral existence, but a timely stimulation. By ensuring they remain firmly embedded there, the archiving artists are mischievously incepting our imaginations and reminding us of the larger universe in which all artists and their art live.

Supported by: The Embassy of the Dominican Republic in India

Date: 15 - 23 December 2023

Time: 11 AM - 8 PM

Venue: Art Park

Past Program


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