Music in the Park

Music in the Park

Discipline Special Project
Curated by Shyamant Behal
Artists Joanne Fernandes ,The Everyday People/Kristian Bent ,Smruti Jalpur ,Karan Khosla Trio ,The Rum n Colas ,Still Waters- Lester Godinho ,Jazzmatazz ,Eunoia-Swing Jazz Bebop ,Sambucada

15 Dec, 2022 I 14:00 - 17:00

Over the course of history, Goa’s contribution to the creative landscape of India has not been insignificant. As one the few Latin colonies in the country, its particular aesthetic has influenced musical traditions of varied origins: the Portuguese Fado, classical Indian, American jazz, and Bollywood of the 1950s and’60s – its East meets West sensibility best illustrated in the Mandos and Dulpods of the state’s Catholic community.In curating ‘Music in the Park,’ the difficulty lay not only in building a theme but also in choosing among the outsize talent available, considering how integral music is to Goa’s identity. While this series of concerts includes some original music, it focuses primarily on jazz, a genre with deep roots along the Konkan coastline.

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