Game of Dice

Venue The Arena at Nagalli Hills Ground
Discipline Dance
Curated by Geeta Chandran
Artists Santosh Nair , Sadhya Group - a unit of performing arts

Date 22 Dec
Time 07:00 pm - 08:00 pm

 ‘Game of Dice’ is a dance production bringing an inventive style of art to the audience. The production draws from Kathakali, with its rigorous, dramatic and vibrant outlook; Chhau, with its high energy, control, and spirit akin to that of the martial arts; and Contemporary dance with its creativity and experimentation. The elements are brought together through the medium of a famous episode from the Mahabharata, the Game of Dice,  which has a fantastic breadth of vision, a riveting plot, a compelling dramatic structure, a cast of complex but real characters, and wisdom that remains relevant for the moral dilemmas of our own age.  

Choreographer: Santosh Kumar Nair, Sadhya Group- a unit of performing arts
Performers: Santosh Kumar Nair, Nalini Sharma, Neha Sharma, Sahul Bhatia, Pankaj Singh, Sudhir Kumar, Himesh Parcha, Shree Ram Sankhla, Sushant Nair, Sumit Kumar, Dinesh Bali
Light Designer: Milind Srivastava
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