Eco Walks

Eco Walks

Venue Across Panjim
Discipline Special Project
Project by Vishal Rawlley
Artists Vishal Rawlley

Date 16 Dec | 17 Dec | 18 Dec | 19 Dec | 20 Dec | 21 Dec | 22 Dec
Time 09:00 am - 06:00 pm

The Eco Walks, centred around Panjim city, showcase the various ecological hotspots in the city - city gardens, municipal parks, urban forests, beach vegetation and mangroves. The various treasures contained herein are revealed by eminent experts from the perspective of ecology, history, culture, health and aesthetics. 
The walks are curated as an interactive experience, participants are given scrap books and art materials. Go back with a book full of sketches, annotations, leaf pressings, bark impressions and beautiful memories. 
Mangrove Walk (Ribandar Saltpans)
16th Dec, Friday - 9am-11am
Led by Tallulah D'Silva

Panjim Municipal Garden (Garcia de Orta)
17th Dec, Saturday - 4pm-6pm
Led by Viola Rodrigues

Avenue trees of Panjim (St. Oroiaso Garden)
18th Dec, Sunday - 4pm-6pm
Led by Miguel Braganza

Jogger's Park (Altinho)
19th Dec, Monday - 4pm-6pm
Led by Arti Das

Children's Park (Campal)
20th Dec, Tuesday - 9am-11am
Led by Arti Das

Medicinal Plants (Miramar Circle)
21th Dec, Thursday - 4pm-6pm
Led by Dr Maryanne Lobo

Beach Forest (Miramar)
22th Dec, Friday - 9am-11am
Led by Tallulah D'Silva
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